miscellany, 4.21

gold septum ring, braindrops // rings, madewell // jackelope necklace, madewell // collared necklace, jewelmint (forever ago) // watch, michael kors // blouse & leggings, romwe // shoes, vintage

Hello, and a happy belated Easter! Lately I've gotten back to mixing prints and colors, this outfit evident of such changes. A warm thank you to Romwe for the blouse and leggings —as a heads up if anyone is interested in these leggings, they are a bit sheer, thus I have to wrap a flannel or hoodie around my waist to avoid any skin shows. 
This semester at school has been hectic, my schedule filled hourly with tasks, commitments and classes. I'm doing my best to keep a clear and kind attitude, not forgetting to care for my creative side. I miss consistent blogging so much, and am hoping to begin posting here more once the semester ends in a few weeks. As always, thank you for reading. I hope you are doing well, and that your Spring season is filled with comfort & beauty. 
xox, danielle


  1. Ok, this outfit is amazing!! I love it! Glad you'll be posting regularly again!

  2. Lovely floral and stripe combo. Love the zipper at the back of the shirt.


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