Midi Madness

sweater, gap // skirt, madewell // purse, vintage dooney & bourke // belt, vintage // skimmers, vintage // necklace, jewelmint // rose gold watch, marc by marc jacobs // bracelets, asos & madewell // rings, madewell
A realization I had while typing out the origins of the pieces of my above outfit: for the short period of time I worked at Madewell, 
it seems I went a bit...wardrobe crazy. 
From buying all of the jewelry that called to me 
{nearly every piece in the store} to snatching anything that looked remotely grandma-esque, I did it all.
I'm glad I did though, as I find the pieces I picked up to be staples I consistently rotate back to. 
This midi skirt is one of the only that I have, & is perfect in every way. I picked it up for less than $10 {thank goodness for kill price!}. The length, color & pattern leaves this piece so versatile & it has opened the wormhole of cravings for even more midis {though I most definitely don't need any more of anything added to my closet, sigh}. I guess it's time for a second spring cleaning!
I've been thinking about making an etsy for my retired clothing, as to pass items on to all of you. Would any of you be interested in that? Leave a comment below letting me know!
Farewell for now,
Danielle ♥  


  1. Cute as always!
    Definitely make an Etsy.

  2. You look so cute in purple!

  3. I'm so jealous that you can pull of midi skirts- I look a granny on heroine whenever I try to style one up (and that's not a good thing!) xx

    Bright and Dandy

  4. Great outfit! I wouldn't have imagined to associate these colors togheter but it goes so well!

    Thanks for the inspiration :)


  5. You look super pretty!

    xo Jennifer


  6. adorable -- I love grannie style, and this is so fresh -- love your makeup here too! I'm constantly trying to master the perfect cat eye/wing tip/whatever you call that you're doing geniusly here. kuddos!

  7. love your skirt! so bright!



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