Summer Suns

One-hundred percent obsessed with this beautiful necklace my boyfriend gave me in November for my 21st. 
The elegant textures of the leaves & accented gems contrast so well.
blouse, vintage // cutoff levi shorts, vintage // tights, anthropologie // gold dipped leaf necklace, gift from my boyfriend // bracelets, j.crew, madewell, urban o. // belt, vintage // shoes, vintage
Thank the skies and heavens and deities or whatever you believe in; my finals are done!
Last week I was a hermit. I locked up in my room, completed last assignments and studied hours on end until my brain felt like it was crammed into a food processor. Yuck, to the last part, though that's what it felt like {or what I would assume said extreme pain and misery would feel like}. 
These past few months have heavily tested my organization, productivity and capacity for being under pressure. 
Even so, in the end it seems the hard work has paid off! I got an A in my stats class {something I did not even dream to be possible} & once grades are released, I should {hopefully} be getting the same for my creative writing class.
Now that the semester is finally over, I'm able to bid farewell to the constant crunching & stress of a work/school life & say hello to the next few summer months of relaxation.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As for the outfit above: lately I've been on a jean shorts//tights kick. 
The weather permits, nowadays, for such garb & the combination of textures and patterns is one I always fall in love with. I find that two layers on the lower half can really help pull an outfit from the crowd.
The blouse I'm wearing is a new addition to my literally overflowing closet {recycled, but new to me}.
I picked this beauty up at one of my favorite vintage shops in Sebastopol, a quaint little town hidden in Sonoma County.
I love the neutral shade & the embroidered lace detailing that's spread cross this tops chest.
I can see myself wearing this blouse far too many times during summer, it works so well with everything! 

Anyhow, I hope all of you are doing well!
♥ danielle


  1. What a pretty look! I love the blouse and tights! (:


  2. Love this outfit! The blouse and top are so cute together!

    xo Jennifer


  3. You have such an enviable figure! You look good in everything without looking like a hanger haha. Gorgeous outfit!

  4. the necklace your boyfriend gave you is really beautiful! by the way, i am visiting california this summer and i will arrive in SF, then go see big sur, LA, san diego, palm springs (?), death valley maybe... anything i shouldn't miss there? what would you recommend to see? i'd be glad to hear from you! x

  5. God you are gorgeous. Love the outfit too. good job.


  6. I love your outfit……!!!!! so stylish…..love the sheer patterned tights especially, with the lovely blouse..so stylish.
    Love your look…… i must get those tights for myself........... You are gorgeous..your lovely eyes are hypnotic...
    You’re so chic! So pretty…and you have such a great sense of style.
    I adore your hair ...I've worn my hair long forever and it is perfect on you
    You match perfectly…everything you wear…… you certainly make a super statement…..
    Love that necklace...your boyfriend has very nice taste
    I grew up in tights, being in ballet for 13 years. In fact, mom raised me rather androgynously, so I also wore tights under big sweaters and hip length tunics and such around the house growing up. Your lovely look reminds me of all those days….epsecially when the delivery man would come and I’d meet him at the door and he’s refer to me as Miss……
    Oh, by the way, I’m a guy…and I love fashion as much as I love dance.
    I traveled in Europe this past fall,
    It looks like you have the same affinity for tights as I have…..

    I’ve been raving to my new friends about how much I love the tights/shorts look, so they encouraged me to try it myself…
    and I have in a big way,….. denim cutoffs, high waisted shorts, even a romper…….
    I will following your blog religiously….. thanks for sharing your lovely taste and your beauty


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