Good morning, and happy Monday. 
I hope those of you living in sun rich areas had the chance to experience some of it's beauty this weekend, just as I did. 
Now sore and barely able to walk without a hobble, 
I ran/hiked to the bottom then back up a mountain trail with my best friend and boyfriend.
Starting toward the top of Mt. Tam, the three of us were lucky enough to enjoy perfect weather as we trekked down into Muir Woods. 
While the climb back up to our finish was a bit intensive, the burn was worth it. 
I'm striving to feel tired, worked legs in my life more regularly.
Whether it be a run, hike, bike, or swim, I'm determined to 
make the most of my thriving youth.
 I'm thankful to have working legs, arms and good health. 
All these things tend to be taken for granted. 
I'm going to continue caring for what's not broken by throwing myself out into nature, a place I feel truly content. 
A place I feel at home. 

blazer, nordstroms // blouse, c.o. sugarlips // waxed denim, c.o. urban outfitters // sunglasses, ray ban meteor // necklace, free people // other jewelry, vintage assorted // shoes, i can't remember (oops)
I love combining eclectic color choices and patterns in one, above being an example. I'm in love with both blazer and jeans I'm 
wearing here. 
Though I did not buy either planning to pair them in such a bold color scheme, it worked to my advantage.
Adding in the striped blouse fashioned even more of a pop, something I'm always drawn to.

I hope everyone has a lovely day, bye for now.
Danielle ♥


  1. Love all the green and those shoes!

    xo Jennifer


  2. You look awsome in green!

  3. I really like your style, so original ;) Greetings from Poland!

  4. love all that green!


  5. This outfit is amazing!! I love the play on the color green. (:


  6. in love with the different shades of green here. the black and white blazer pulls the whole thing together so nicely. i love the way you pair things together. so happy you're back to blogging!


  7. hi danielle!
    i love your blog and how you mix different patterns and materials - finally an amazingly inspiring blog. living where the sun (almost) always shines must be beautiful, i would enjoy it everyday. this may be a funny sounding question now but what is your ethnicity? i'm wondering because my cheeks (or cheekbones) are quite similar to yours haha. and i have been told to be asian, columbian or spanish.
    thanks for answering and have a great day! kate

  8. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  9. Love the outfit. I went for a hike today and feel the same way. I'm so incredibly privileged to have health and working limbs. It feels so good to work out and be in nature.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  10. I love this outfit so much. It´s perfect for all! :) I follow you now because I don´t want to miss your new looks ^^ Maybe we can follow each other on GFc and Bloglovin? What do you think? :)



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