Lately, my weeks are filled with a hectic load of work, school and all tasks that accompany each. This is certainly a bit much at times and while I'm not complaining, I'm glad to have one day a week, Saturdays, free of all commitments. 
    This most recent day of relaxation and regathering of thoughts was spent feet buried in dirt and seed, hands pulling up aged and dead plants, making room for new life. 
    I'm looking forward to seeing my front yard bloom wildflowers, poppies and morning glory's, and admiring bees and hummingbirds enjoy the sweet flavors of each. Always wanting a garden of my own to care for, I feel very lucky to have such a chance now.  

    Having little time for leisure and relaxation, I ended my weekend covered in soil, carrying sore arms, sun soaked skin, and a feeling of great accomplishment.  
    With new seeds comes fresh growth, and this spring I can only envision a sea of sprouts filling my life.

    This outfit echoes the upcoming season to me. Florals, saturated reds and pinks are going to dominate hillsides in just a few weeks; something I cannot wait for.

    (I definitely did not wear this while gardening!)
     sheer tee, american apparel // denim button up, romwe // cardigan, madewell // floral jeans, asos // necklace, forever // gold watch, michael kors // jewelry, assorted
    I'm thinking that each outfit post calls for at least one silly face; I'll try sticking with the idea.


  1. Good for you for doing something relaxing on your one day off a week! It is so important to make time for yourself! I love this combo with the floral jeans, denim vest, cardigan and bright red blouse! Hope you get some more R&R soon!

  2. I love this sun effect on your pictures, when do you usually go and shoot? Also I loved this outfit, kind of colourful but lovely! :)

  3. Fun! Love the floral jeans. I'm wearing a similar pair right now, actually. Also, your cat eye makeup is perf. Teach me your ways!

  4. Your eye makeup is perfection!

    xo Jennifer


  5. love all the colors!


  6. You are adorable!!! I love the pants. The cardigan ties the outfit together so well!


  7. I know I've probably said this before, but you are so gorgeous!

  8. I love the atmosphere on your photos so much! Which camera and lens do you use?

  9. Pretty look! Loving the pants. :)

  10. You photographed these pants perfectly! They look so great.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  11. A garden...how cute!

  12. I love your outfit. Your eye makeup is absolutely perfect!


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