Never enough florals.

Sometimes I feel like I should switch up my wardrobe and stray from the constant floral explosion my body often adorns...and then I stop, think for a second and say, screw that. Because one can never have enough florals. I type this as I'm sitting here cross legged, wearing some sick ass floral leggings that were just sent to me from Romwe. Ugh. Floral heaven. I mean really, who doesn't love flowers? I'm obsessed, to say the least. One of these days I'm going to have to count how many floral garments I own. I'm betting it's close to 50. Or more. Probably more. 
Anyways...I'm rambling again. I've been doing that a lot lately, which is odd since there's so much I want to update all of you on. I assume it's because I have no idea where to start. Oh, the trials of an unorganized procrastinator. Life's hard, man.
chambray: secondhand / floral button up: c.o sheinside / waxed denim: c.o urban outfitters / sunglasses: ray ban meteor / necklace: free people / shoes: vintage
watch: michael kors / frog ring: madewell / granulate ring: vintage
I'm truly head over heels for these waxed jeans sent to me from Urban Outfitters. I received them a few months back as a sneak peek to the fall collection, though I didn't get around to snapping a picture of them till recently. I love the feel of waxed denim, and the fact that they're my favorite color. Also...these babes are extremely comfortable. So sick.
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  1. Such a cool outfit, I agree you can never have too much florals. :)

  2. I am loving how you styled that floral top!


  3. i love it!!!! so lovely outfit!! xoxo. http://ditaslittlewardrobe.blogspot.com/

  4. Wow florals - they look great on you! I'm never decided with florals because I hate looking too girly but this looks so great especially put together with the jeans and shoes!

    I've just started a new blog up and was wondering if you could check it out? Lots of fashion posts and more to come! http://daisychaindoves.blogspot.com

  5. I really love this, I also hoard floral clothing... and those pants are amazing.

    Love your blog. Been following you on lookbook for a while and decided I can't get enough of you, so now I'm your newest Bloglovin' follower. Your style is super cool and I'm always inspired by your outfits :)


  6. True that to never enough florals. I feel the same way haha. You look gorgeous.I love the pants too with the two colors. Amazing!

    Angela @ the lovely cup

  7. I just adore your shoes. They go so well with your floral top!

  8. Out of all the floral prints, that one right there is probably in the top ten.


  9. Danielle!

    I love hearing/reading your rambling! Florals aren't really that big of a part in my wardrobe but I feel like they should be.
    When I was little, I associated florals with old people. Boy, was I wrong! Now that I've grown up and gotten wiser and whatnot, I know that florals are pretty awesome. I definitely want to get more floral pieces, especially interesting ones like the ones you have.
    I want to know how many floral pieces you have! Anyone want to get a bet started? Hahaha :)

    This floral top you're rocking is definitely too cute!
    I really like that you made it less girly and prim with those rad silver waxed jeans. The green picks up on the green in the top and just makes thing so cohesive! Dude. Waxed jeans?? Oh I want some so badly!
    Then, there's the fact that you added a chambray top to your outfit. I practically worship chambray tops so the addition of one in this outfit just ups your cool status by like 50 points minimum.
    That Free People necklace you added on top is pretty cool as well. And those rings! I want. :)

    As always, since the day I came across your blog from who knows where, you have managed to blow me away with your layering abilities. Danielle, you seriously rock my socks. You make outfits that are girly and tomboyish but also kind of boho-y and cool. Care to show me your tricks?!?

    I hope you're having a fantabulous week! <3


  10. That's so pretty, I really like your outfit. It's gorgeous.


  11. I love florals too! So hard to resist them. Love how you made the floral top look so edgy.

  12. Just found your blog and you have such inspirational style! And i love the way you write. It sounds like how you would talk. :) I have a floral obsession too. Pants, blazers, tops, and probably even a pair of socks. LOL. I love this combination and those waxed jeans are amazing!! The color is awesome! <3

    The Love Hanger

  13. i don't even know why i just discovered your blog now, it's AMAZING! keep it up :) xx

  14. You look amazing dear!
    Gorgeous blog! Following on Bloglovin, hope you'll follow me back! <3

  15. I love everything is this outfit! :)


  16. Hah! I feel the exact same about forals! I went through a phase when I couldn't get my little gnome-like self away--AWAY!!. I've finally since stopped, but the other day when I was in TOPSHOP I felt a relapse coming on. No one can deny that flowers are just so damn pretty.

    <3Jo of thelittledandy.com

  17. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  18. Um yeah - I LOVE that floral shirt! NEED one!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  19. Great look - love that floral blouse! I'm your new follower on GFC. I'd love it if you would visit mine and maybe follow back if you like :-)


  20. jealous of your floral collection :) love these jeans!!
    xx mili


  21. hi! i stumbled onto your blog via seeking style blog....LOVe your style. i love when i find women who can mix vintage with new so effortlessly. i'm definitely following you now.

    my blog is based out of hong kong: http://imanorbyah.blogspot.com

  22. love this look! we love finding other SF fashion bloggers :)

    love from San Francisco,

  23. I definitely think there's such a thing as too many florals in one outfit, but in your closet? There are so many lovely blooms in the world, why not collect them all?


  24. You have an amazing style!

    Giveaway on my blog!

  25. Just stumbled across your blog. Beautiful photos!

    ~ B


  26. love the jeans detail :)
    I will follow you, hope you can follow back!

  27. Come baaaaaack!
    I love everything.

  28. VERY pretty! This is the favorite outfit I've seen on blogs today.

    I found you on Bloglovin and I'm so glad I did! You have a great blog. I'm following you now.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  29. In my opinion, there's definitely no such thing as "too much floral." ;) Love that you paired it with a chambray shirt to make the blouse more casual and those waxed jeans are awesome--such a great way to add texture to your outfit! You look fantastic!

    Giveaway tickets to Chictopia's "Shop It Like It's Hot" event in SF!

  30. like yr style girl! wld love it if you would drop by my blog and follow if u like :D

  31. Amazing style !! I love this outfit very much !! you look gorgeous :)



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