Hey everyone! Happy September & happy Labor Day. Obviously, I once again neglected all of you for far too long. My summer officially ended a few weeks ago, as school is now back in session and I'm swamped with reading assignments, essays and accounting work. Blek. On a positive note, I am now the proud owner of visionarydreamss.com! My best friend Kaddie was kind enough to surprise me with my own domain, to which I am so grateful. 
Lately, I've been straying from my favorite hues (browns & reds) and wearing a lot more blue. While I do enjoy mixing up my color palette on occasion, I've realized I'll always be most comfortable wearing earth tones, along with bright reds and black.
shirt & jeans: madewell / vest: j. crew / bag: vintage / sunglasses: ray ban / shoes: madewell
As I'm sure you can tell from these pictures, I now have a tattoo! I decided to get my dog Jack's paw prints since he's such a significant part of my life; the unconditional love I receive from him every day often pushes me forward when I feel like giving up. It's also a representation of how deeply I care for all animals, big and small! After getting my first tattoo, I'm finally ready to take the plunge and get even more. The process of deciding what piece to get next is so exciting. I can't wait to be covered in art. 
Again, happy Labor Day and I hope all of you are doing well! Thanks for reading.


  1. Your new tattoo is lovely and your outfit is rad! xo


  2. I love this whole ensemble especially that blue shirt. And the paw prints are so cute. :)

    another day to wander

  3. You look about 10x more badass with that tat and those sunnies. Congrats! :] (Love your shoes, by the way).

  4. Great pictures!love the vest and congrats for the tatoo! I also want one but i'm not so sure what, the design it's..let's say not the same every day :))

  5. i love the look!! it is so inspire..xoxo.

  6. Very cool look !!!
    Beautiful bag !!!


  7. Love the blouse!! Very pretty color! (: Awesome tattoo!


  8. Yay yay yay!
    I'm so glad to see you back on here Danielle! The funny thing is that I was just on your blog yesterday looking through some old posts, wondering when you would post again. I guess the little wish that I made was granted :)
    Congrats on your own domain!!

    I am definitely loving the aquatic feel to this outfit. That blouse is super cute and looks just right paired with that denim vest. Throw in a pair of classic black jeans, a cute pair of oxfords, a funky pair of sunglasses and you're all ready to go!
    The funny thing is that I kind of did pick up on the fact that you're more into earthy reds and browns...is that a little weird?
    It was nice to see you changing things up a little though! You definitely look lovely in blue <3

    Awwww your new tattoo is absolutely adorable!
    It's super cute and I love that there's a story/reason behind it.
    I'm interested in hearing what your net tattoo is going to be.

    Have a lovely Labor Day!
    Good luck with all of your schoolwork <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  9. This is such a wonderful, vibrant color palette with very charming details and I love how you kept your shoes neutral too.



  10. SO happy you're back. You're use of color is always such a big inspiration :)

  11. The tattoo is wonderful! Love the significance of it!



  12. oh my god I love you. I found one of your look thanks to tumblr I immediately clicked on your blog link and I love love your blog. Going to follow you everywhere ahah :p xx

  13. love this outfit! the blues really suit you, you should def wear them more. :)
    congrats on the dot com too doll! xo

  14. so nice written! you look perfect in that outfit and I really adore your blog, I have just found it and..it is amazing,following you and looking forward to new post :)

  15. I LOVE the round frames you're rockin'! This look is freakin' awesome!

  16. I've been looking for shoes like that since forever. They look great on you!

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