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I finally have the chance to show all of you my new blouse and collar necklace from Romwe! The sheer yellow & floral of this top work together so well, I can already see myself wearing it all through the summer. As for the collar, I'm in love. I don't know if I'll ever be able to take it off...it's just too perfect for life. After getting this piece, I'm left craving even more faux collars!
necklace: c.o. romwe / blouse: c.o. romwe / riding pants: american apparel / boots: madewell / watch: la mer / rings: jewelmint, h&m / nailpolish: essie "lapiz of luxury"
These photos are from a few weeks back when I was on the verge of collapse due to the stress and exhaustion I endured because of finals work, thus the tired/frazzled face.
My favorite part about this piece is the rose detailing in the very center; it's so eclectic and meshes with my style perfectly!
I realize that I haven't written about anything other than my clothing lately, which is totally lame! While I do love showcasing my personal style, I love letting all of you know what's actually going on in my current life. I'm going to try and do exactly that from now on.
This past week has been so wonderful in so many different ways. New friendships have bloomed, adventures have begun and I'm excited to experience a truly memorable summer. I've spent almost every day off work outdoors lounging at the beach, hiking through the hills of my county, skimming the farmers market or exploring the streets of San Francisco. My favorite activity so far has been hiking! I'm a nature fanatic, so being able to trek out and enjoy the wilderness has been great. I've hiked about 25 miles this past week and I already have plans to go out next week to another trail. I'll post some photos from my hikes on here when I get the chance, the spots I've been trekking are absolutely beautiful.
I hope all of you have a phenomenal weekend, thank you for reading!


  1. love this outfit! so stylish!


  2. Beautiful outfit! I love your accessories, and not only your gorgeous collar, but also bracelet and rings!

    Stay pretty!
    Love, Hannah...<3


  3. I love this Danielle! I have some Romwe goodies in the post myself, so excited!

  4. you're stunning! love u! xx


  5. lovely post, such a cute collar

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  6. Very cute! Collar necklaces are the best. I plan to buy more.


  7. I adore the collar necklace. I love them. (: You are stunning! Great outfit. (:


  8. This is so lovely, you look terrific. :) I've wanted to get a metal detachable collar, and you may have pushed me to do that sooner rather than later!

  9. great look! love your top :)


  10. Love the color combo between your pants, blouse, and necklace. Very unique and cute outfit!

  11. Girl this is stunning!



  12. I've been seeing your sweet style on the interwebs of tumblr and might I say...I am in love! You're eclectic-casual style is refreshing and inspirational. & this outfit just takes the cake!


  13. That collar is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!


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