Morning everyone! I've totally neglected all of you once again, sorry about that. I was planning on posting this outfit a few days ago, but I've been nurturing a terrible sunburn which has been causing me loads and loads of pain. I currently have the silliest tan lines (or should I say burn lines) all over me as a result from the hiking gear I donned the day I was cooked in the sun. All in all though, the burn was definitely worth it. I spent a beautiful day hiking all around Angel Island and ended the trip with a two hour long snooze on the beach. All the hiking I've been doing this summer has been stellar; I've gotten the chance to fully enjoy the beauty of California and it's given me the opportunity to spend a lot more time with my closest friends, something I'm unable to do during the school year. Next week I'm actually going camping, so here's to summers spent with friends, swimming in the ocean, bonfires on the beach, sleeping under the stars and of course, wearing loads of sunblock!
Just looking at how much clothing I'm wearing here makes me cringe...this past week hasn't gone below 80 degrees, so sweaters of any kind are painful to imagine wearing right now.
I have at least 15 pair of sunglasses, but ever since I've gotten these Ray Ban "meteor" I don't want to wear anything else.
sunglasses: ray ban meteor / fisherman's sweater: american apparel / collared shirt: gap / belt: vintage / satchel: dooney & bourke / jeans: zara / ombre shoes: rachel comey / rings: jewelmint, h&m / gold watch: michael kors / bracelets: j.crew, h&m
Some close ups of my new Rachel Comey shoes. Aren't they rad? I'm so enamored with how the burnished base gave an ombre like effect...these shoes have already become a staple in my wardrobe. The best part is that I bought them off of eBay for a fraction of the retail price! Oh, and they're extremely comfortable. So it's basically a win win. 


  1. You look lovely Danielle, I love the autumn-y colours :)

  2. I am loving those pants hardcore and that purse is to die for!

  3. Love the whole outfit! The sunnies, the color of the pants, and those shoes! So pretty. Hope you heal soon! :)

  4. Zebra sunburns are the worse...less painful than all-over sunburns but so annoyingly stripy!! Your outfit is lovely..I love the flecks in the sweater and the colour combo. Those sunglasses are fab too!

  5. love this outfit so much!


  6. love this outfit! :)


  7. these pants were made for you! i like this autumn outfit so much <3

    la tiquismiquis

  8. Amazing outfit! Your trousers are stunning!

  9. Looking lovely as always. Sorry to hear about your sunburn. I think most people in the Bay Area have had their first bad burn of the summer season. We're just not used to seeing so much sun! haha.

  10. Those ray ban meteors are now on my wish list! also, you are bang inspiration for me...i've been growing mine out but I need a change, haha!

  11. this outfit is just perfect! the jumper and jeans are amazing colours. and the shoes are incredible! x

  12. I love this outfit! Simple but very chic! (: The button-up and sweater combo is amazing. Hope your sunburn is doing alright! I hate burning... it's the worst. haha


  13. Oh.My! I love your bloggg! Really really in love with your style, Danielle!! And those ombre shoes are really TO-DIE-FOR. And happy holiday for you at Cali! ;)

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  14. Girl you look AMAZING! That forest green color is divine on you!



  15. Gorgeous outfit!

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  17. I love the shade of green you're wearing here, it's so deep and rich. Great outfit any time of the year!

  18. Love those shoes! In fact, I love a lot of the shoes you have. haha. So inspired to start ebay shopping after reading your blog ;)

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