After quite a few days of being cut off from everyone & everything, I'm back from my mini vacation! I spent three nights of last week out at Bodega Bay with two of my closest friends and had such a blast. Our campsite was right on the beach, it was perfect! After setting up our tent the first day, we dropped everything & headed out to lounge on the beach. The whole trip was phenomenal: hiking, climbing rocks, tide pooling, sleeping in the sand, chasing waves, flower picking, sitting round the fire, story telling, wine sipping and star gazing filled each day, which made time fly by. Even though the trip was short lived, I enjoyed every moment & am so glad I was able to take a few days to relax and reanalyze life. Being surrounded by nature is one of my favorite things, so I felt totally at home while layered up in sweaters, scarves and extra socks chatting under the stars till the late hours of the night.
Below is an outfit post totally unrelated to my camping trip. These floral jeans are so damn rad, and even better than I expected them to be! For future wearing I plan on pairing them with even more floral (ohh yeaah) for a crazy eclectic/overwhelmingly loud look. The more people I can blind, the better.
I titled this post after Beach House's newest album, Bloom. If you enjoy dreamy, hypnotic music then I'd suggest taking a listen! I've had it on repeat ever since it came out earlier this year; it's by far one of my favorite albums I've listened to this summer.
chiffon blouse: american apparel / sweater: american apparel / belt: vintage / floral jeans: asos / boots: madewell
felt laptop case: c.o. koshka / gold watch: michael kors / bracelets: asos, h&m / rings: vintage, h&m, jewelmint
How sick is this felt laptop case? It was gifted to me by Koshka awhile back, and I've been using it to lug my giant MacBook around school ever since. I love that it's made out of a single piece of felt and made in Japan! The quality is insane, and I'm so glad I was able to find a stylish yet durable laptop case. 

Happy Monday everyone!

ps: I was interviewed recently by Rebecca of The Clothes Horse. Click through if you're interested in reading!


  1. Wow! What a fun and colorful outfit. I don't know how you're able to wear a sweater with it being Summer and all but it looks great with your jeans and laptop case!

    1. Thank you! The weather around here is sporadic, so one day it's hot and the next it's freezing.

  2. AMAZING outfit!!! I love the floral pants! Such a great look! (: I absolutely adore your style!


  3. I absolutely love the colours in this outfit and the purple collar peeking out finishes the outfit off nicely! Your camping trip sounds just lovely - the perfect blend of nature, exercise and good friends.

  4. I love that laptop case, and how perfectly it goes with your outfit! You're too cute. :3

  5. I enjoy little trips like that so much, sometimes you just have to get away from it all.
    And damn, those jeans are briljant!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip! And I absolutely love Beach House's new album... I had an inkling that the title of this post was named in its honor!

  7. Bloom is an AH-mazing album. Also have that junk on repeat.

    Afore your floral jeans! I love floral jeans right now so much, I think I might wear them all the way into Fall!


  8. Wow, LOVE the laptop case. Sounds like you had a lovely trip too... wish I could go on a similar one!

    xo, alison*elle

  9. Girl, you need to be my friends stylist!! :p Your outfit is amazing!! :D

    xo - David

  10. Oh I am absolutely in love with this outfit! Floral and felt clutch and all!


  11. really love how this looks!


  12. I am in love with the floral pants and the dusty blue sweater. Your hair is so nice, wish my bangs would do that! So excited I found another SF/Bay Area blogger, would looooOOooove to get to know you better (do I sound creepy? promise I'm not haha!) excited to see more from you! Following now :) xx

  13. this is PERFECT! the outfit has just the right amount of vintage, prep, layering, and prints :) basically, all the reasons why i love your style <3

  14. Very nice outfit :) Love this boots so much! <3

  15. Can't wait to see you wearing those pants with more floral!

  16. Great pants. Love the whole look!


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