True Romance

I've been living in this floral & lace blouse from my newest sponsor, Koshka, for the past few weeks; the mixture of delicate lace, greens, yellows and browns are just perfect for spring! I've always loved asymmetrical shirts and skirts, so when I saw this on the Koshka site I fell in love immediately. As to not overwhelm the awesomeness of this purdy blouse, I decided to leave my outfit fairly simple. I wore my favorite velvet leggings to contrast the leaf detailing and added on gold cuffs to maintain the ethereal feeling. Since it was supposed to rain that day (boo) I wore my tried and true Madewell boots, though I'm sure there were other shoes that would have worked better with my ensemble. Bah, oh well.
I love that the blouse peeked out just a bit from below my cardigan; it balanced everything so well!
mink pink "true romance" blouse, c.o. koshka / cardigan: h&m / velvet leggings: american apparel / boots: madewell / sunglasses: ray ban / gold cuffs: asos / rock ring: h&m
Today's just another day of school from 9am to 9pm. Sorry if this post is a bit dry in words, I barely got any sleep last night. To the mockingbird that was chirping outside my window from 1am till the time I got up for school: I don't hate many things, but I definitely hate you.


  1. You look wonderful as always! I seriously need those leggings, they. are. amazing. x

  2. Love this outfit, those leggings are great.


  3. Your shirt is amazing. It is so beautiful and looks comfy

    Yellow Elephant Clothing

  4. That blouse is gorgeous! And I think you may single handedly start up a velvet leggings craze :)

  5. That is some gorgeous blouse!

  6. I hope u are able to get some sleep tomorrow... And omg your blouse is just so damn cool!

  7. Oooh, what you might've lacked in words, you made up for with pictures!
    I'm in love with the textures and perfect layers in this outfit.
    That blouse really is perfect. Great lace panel in the back.
    And those velvet leggings! What I wouldn't give for skinny legs like yours. Haha, although I'm tempted to try some leggings like these anyway...

    Trendy Teal

  8. Birds outside my window are my least favorite thing.....I know that sounds mean, but seriously....cut it out. So, I can sympathize! I NEED these leggings. I love the way you style colors. You make earth tones look perfect! Want everything in you ensemble today!


  9. This might be one of my favorite outfits of yours. I think these colors are just perfect for you. Mink Pink is a fabulous brand and I've found many things from that brand I would love to add to my closet. This blouse is now one of them. Hope you get some better sleep tonight!

  10. looovely outfit. the colors you wore really inspired me ;)

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  11. I'm so happy that I found your blog, it's perfect!


  12. Love this outfit - blouse is amazing :)

  13. Gorgeous colours. Love the cardigan and the boots work really well (even if it didn't rain!).


  14. LOVE the shirt! It looks great with those leggings. beautiful colors as usual :)


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