Scarlet and Stripes

I've nearly brought myself to the point of colored denim overdose! My green and red jeans have been on repeat in my wardrobe for the past few months, and now I'm craving some eclectic floral denim to mix up my pants selection. I've been eyeing a particular pair for quite some time, though it's always difficult for me to pull the trigger when purchasing clothing online. My fear of a fit fiasco is constant, though I'm building up the courage to score a sweet pair from Asos...the free returns are very coaxing!
As I'm sure most of you know, the spring semester is finally winding down! I'm relieved to see that the end of classes is near, but these next few weeks are going to be extremely hectic for me. Knowing that summer break is upon us is a bittersweet feeling; on one hand I have the excitement of a sun soaked summer, and on the other I have the stress of exams, term papers and final projects. Here's to hoping that I'll be able to complete this semester as calm and collected as possible!
tee: my boyfriends, american apparel / flannel: vintage / denim button up: gap / jeans: zara / belt: vintage / loafers: vintage / necklace: h&m
As I sit here writing out this post, the rain is dousing the ground as well as my excitement for spring. While I love the benefits of rain and the moments of drinking tea and gazing out the window, I just want a sun soaked afternoon! When will this weather bipolarity end? Bahhh. At any rate, I hope all of you are enjoying your week! 
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  1. You really are the blogging queen of layering! I love the colours of this outfit too...they're lovely and fresh and spring-like! Good luck with this semester...I can completely empathise..I'm longing for the summer but not all the hurdles I have to jump in uni beforehand!!

  2. You are so beautiful and these photos are amazing :)

  3. I love this mix of colors and patterns :) Layering button downs is always really fun.

    And my spring semester is about to end too! :D I honestly can't wait but I'm also terrified (I'm graduating). Best of luck in these last few weeks :)

    Castle Fashion

  4. Those pants look great cuffed and paired with those loafers. As a fellow fan of layering, your outfits always provide my closet with some excellent inspiration.

    p.s. I'm one of your newest followers and would be totally geeeked if you took the time to check out my little ole blog :)


  5. I love how you layer your outfits, so lovely! You've got wonderful style xx


  6. i love your red pants, and you layered the top so well! so jealous of your effortless chic style! you do it so well! xx


  7. You are so pretty, oh my goodness! And those jeans are super nice!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  8. Great layering!


  9. just found your blog :)
    lovely hair by the way..


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