Collar Inspiration / Romwe Giveaway

Lately, detachable collars have been taking over what seems to be every style site I browse on repeat. I've yearned for the perfect collar since Fall '11, though I've yet to pull the trigger. There are just so many options!
If any of you love the collar trend as much as I do, then you're in luck! I've teamed up with Romwe to offer all of you the chance to win a lovely gold-toned collar, along with $40 of freebies! (collar is similar to the last picture via A Pair & A Spare). 
All you have to do is:
1. Follow my blog via Blogger or Bloglovin
2. Sign up for a Romwe account
3. Leave a comment on this post with your name, email and how you would style your gold collar. I'll choose the winner based upon your response, so feel free to get creative with your answers!

The contest ends April 20th, and I'll announce the winner then. Good luck everyone!


  1. Zuzana Grajciarova
    I would style my collar with some shirts or blouses :)

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! I would wear the gold collar with my black bodycon dress with sheer overlay to pizzazz up the neutral black and toughen up the femininity of the delicate tulle.

    lotus2434 at yahoo.com

  3. al.babette@gmail.com
    I think I would style it with some sleevless top, black skirt and heels.. and maybe there would fit some flowered leggins or tights :)

  4. Following via GFC and Bloglovin and my email is tonicaroline@hotmail.co.uk

    I would wear the gold collar for my Auntie's Wedding in June for which the theme is gold! I'm wearing a lovely green dress from Zara and so want to wear gold accessories!^^



  5. Okapi

    I think collars look the best with high-necked shirts. . . how about with a minty chiffon button down and a peach body con? The contrast of the collar and the lighter pastels would be adorable. Even chicer -- I'd wear the collar with already collared shirts for a double-collar effect. :)

  6. Name: Toshiko Shek
    Email: toshikoshek@gmail.com

    I love collars! I would wear it with the sweetest top or dress with great details and patterns, most likely one I wish it actually has a collar to begin with! Then, I would throw a cardigan or a light blazer on top with the collar sticking out! Oh, and I would definitely put my hair up in a giant donut bun so it's not covering the amazing collar! <3

  7. All those collars are really cute! I could wear a collar with anything. It would make a regular t-shirt/jeans look seem much, much more interesting, and it would add personality to a dress. Right now, I'm fantasizing about wearing it with a high-necked button down tank and a fluffy biege tulle skirt.

    - Thanks!

  8. This is a really great giveaway! I'm at the south hemisphere so i'm thinking on autumn. It would look great whit a black velvet body, a long assymetric skirt also in black, a pair of high heeled chelsea boots and golden accesories. That way the collar would be the center of the outfit.

  9. First of all, I love how you will base the winner on how we'd style it! Hopefully you'd like how I'd style it :) A lovely gold collar would look amazing with a little black dress preferably laced and a burgundy pullover. It would be paired with some light coloured heels maybe nude OR just some really casual slip ons.

    A really casual outfit would be a flower printed/lace and flowy top/ button up with dark high waisted jeans. There are many ways to style a gold collar with more textured tops and a plain bottom.

    I've followed and registered a while back :)
    My email is ruth.ambrocio[at]hotmail[dot]com

  10. Oooh the gold collar actually has a slight futuristic edgy look to it so I'd pair it with a cream vintage embroidered top I have - it'd be a nice back to the future kind of look if that makes sense :) I'd finish the look with a nice sweeping black maxi skirt, a pair of high heels I have that look like a golden version of Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz and then some gold bangles to tie it all together :)
    Following you and already registered with Romwe! My email is theheadlessmannequinblog[at]gmail.com

  11. I would wear the collar with a loose oversized chiffon coral top, paired with a high-waisted cream tribal/aztec pencil skirt, and brown strappy wedges. :) Great outfit for the spring and summer!


  12. I would style it with a crochet cropped top and floral maxi skirt then top it off with a floppy hat and a pair of wedges.


  13. Might be 'boring,' but I'd use the collar to jazz up my collection of tshirt dresses that I live in all summer.

  14. I'd like to wear the collar with a white lace top :)


  15. Debora Ferri

    I'd style the gold collar with a silk blouse of all colors because the collar is perfect to combine with many clothing. It complete the style of the person who wear it, I think that it is became a "must" for the people that love fashion! I would wear it to renovate my style!

  16. I think I'd wear this collar with lots and lots of outfits. But any simple dress or top (simple in the sense that it doesn't already have a collar) could benefit from the addition of a cute collar necklace. I'm just crazy about collars.

    my email is dar.142173 at yahoo dot com

  17. Samantha Retzloff

    I've been so obsessed with detachable collars ever since I started seeing them become popular online, but can't find them anywhere in Wisconsin (go figure). I would love to edge up a vintage black dress I have that has a crocheted overlay on top and tulle skirt, with pearl bracelets, and some suede, magenta platform peeptoe wedges I've been lusting after as well. Otherwise, for a softer look, I'd pair the gold collar with a coral pleated dress I just bought yesterday, a chiffon flowered jacket, and neutral platform wedges. Ahhh, want that collar, they are so different <3

  18. Maike B

    I would probably style the collar with my lace dress (which I can't stop wearing, hahah) or a simple little black dress in which the collar probably will really stand out (and it should). xx

  19. Laura Dittrich

    As blouses are very in this season, I am collecting them and there is nothing more perfect than to pair them up with a golden collar standing out from a beautiful pastel coloured blazer. That's how I would wear them and with rolled boyfriend jeans or pastel or tye dye skinnies, and with ankle strap sandals or ankle strap wedges.

    Thank you for this great giveaway :)

  20. That is such a tricky question, golden goes with everything! (or at least in my head, shut up). Though when it comes to detachable collars, I like either trying to blend it in, as if it actually /was/ part of the shirt or blouse (I have a deep blue crocheted top with a high collar that would match perfectly!) or making it an statement (for instance, a white sleeveless blouse with quite some cleavage, tossing a denim shirt to the mix). In other words, either very feminine (I've seen the retro look mentioned and I must agree!) or something more androgynous, even a tad rocky (oversized blazer? Oh, the possibilities). I could go on an on forever, so I'll leave it at that;)

    The name is Irene del Molino and the mail is Etsipen@gmail.com!

    Thank you for this <3

  21. Yay! I love giveaways! The first thing that popped into my head when I saw these collars was a white dress. I think I got the idea from the last photo; it's so cute. So that would definitely be the foundation and then I'd probably layer over a sheer pastel-colored blouse. I'd finish the look off with a light shade of lipstick and some rad lace up boots (I love lace up boots of any kind). Very simple. :) Maybe throw on a muted-color cardigan if it gets chilly.

    I think I'm a lot better expressing ideas visually so I created this Polyvore set to better illustrate the concept. I hope you love it as much as I do. I think it would make any girl look like a modern spring princess. <3

    Castle Fashion

  22. I would style my gold collar with a lace fringe champagne-colored kimono top (so that the specks of gold would be reflected in the collar!), a pastel floral tank top, black denim skinnies with a sheen, and brown steve madden platforms!

    For an edgier look, I would style it with a plain white-tee, studded high-waisted shorts, a bright red blazer, and black lace-up boots.

    Thanks a ton <3
    Stephanie Huang

  23. I would style my gold collar with some black leggins and some shirt in a rock style! :)


  24. Thank you for this giveaway!
    Collars are so cute! I would absolutely love to be able to win one (and a gold one at that!)

    Since I feel like collars look best with tops that have higher necklines, I think the gold collar would look pretty interesting with this vintage yellow top I have. I've been thinking of colorblocking my bright yellow shirt with a pair of bright green shorts I recently found in my closet and I think the gold collar would be the perfect piece to tie everything together. That outfit would be perfect for summer.
    Another outfit I think would be fun would be something with a gray pullover I own. I would take a leaf from your book and layer the pullover with other pieces (chambray shirt and navy blazer maybe?) to create a neutral look perfect for bundling up in when it gets chilly. The gold collar would add a cute bright touch to everything and cheer me up on rainy days :)

    Oh and I've thought of a bunch more outfits but I wouldn't want to bore you to tears with my ongoing talking (or typing I guess).....

    Best of luck to everyone who enters this giveaway!


  25. Leave a comment on this post with your name, email and how you would style your gold collar. I'll choose the winner based upon your response, so feel free to get creative with your answers!

    I am a follower of your blog via GFC!
    Detachable collars really are going viral! Because I have so many button ups that already have a collar, I think the best way to wear this particular collar would to be with a top with a normal crew neckline. I have so many sleeveless blouses that have a crew neckline! I think considering the weather has been a bit dreary over in Southern California, I would most likely pair it with my sweaters. My sweaters are a bit dark in color so the contrast would definitely make the collar pop!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  26. Afritha Laura
    I would to wear with my pastel dress :)

  27. My name's Jannine. email- janninemaso@hotmail.com
    Have an account with romwe and following on bloglovin.
    I'd style this collar with a collar-less cream utility blouse I got from a vintage warehouse, high waist denim shorts, and brown pixie boots from the same vintage warehouse.

  28. following via GFC
    i would wear a gold collar with some black combination, maybe some black asymmetrical sheer dress.

  29. Followed your lovely blog! Email: flufftheclouds@gmail.com

    For an everyday look, I'd pair the color with a high-neck simple cropped black cable knit sweater so that the collar adds a small yet noticeable "pop". I'd wear a minty green chiffon skirt and gold or nude flats to reflect the gold of the color and to tie look neatly together :)

  30. enter me

    GFC: Skye
    Email: cloudlovely@hotmail.it

  31. done
    Email: helenalol@virgilio.it

  32. Already following!

    Dom Dyson: fefesluva@AOL.com

  33. Emily

    For the spring and summer, I would wear the gold collar with a t-shirt with a high neckline or a sleeveless chiffon blouse to add a bit of edginess. I can also wear the collar with a white tank tucked into a chiffon high-low skirt.
    For autumun and winter, I would pair the collar with a knit crew neck sweater and a pair of jeans.

  34. Sherriine

    I would love to pair this collar with my collared tops for a dual collar effect! (:

  35. Denise
    montelongo_denise at yahoo dot com

    I would style the collar with a light brown sweater, floral skirt and nude heels!

    P.S. i follow your blog through bloglovin!
    love your style!


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