Wintry Weather

 It has been far too long since I posted, sorry about that! I can thankfully say that the three exams I had this week are over and I am now on Spring Break! Overall I feel I did well on my exams, with (hopefully) a B as the lowest grade. I had a bit of trouble with my geology lab exam, as I had to identify over 30 rocks, taking me a solid two hours. Although they're fairly tedious, I really enjoy my geology classes; learning about the formation of the Earth and all of it's internal/external processes is just fascinating! Now that all of my tests are done and I have a school free week ahead of me, I'll be able to go out and do more with my time! Aside from work, there will be exercising, serious cuddle time with my babychild Jack, boyfriend time, San Francisco outings, vintage shopping and quite possibly skydiving! Ahh!
The outfit I'm wearing here is quite possibly one of the most layered outfits I've worn to date. Four layers on top, velvet leggings with a skirt, and two pairs of socks. The weather that day was super chilly, hitting about 50 degrees once I was out of my evening class. Let's just say that reading the weather report when I woke in the morning was one of the best decisions I made that day.
sweater: vintage / wool cardigan: urban outfitters / tri blend cardigan: american apparel / chiffon maxi skirt : american apparel / 
socks: gap / shoes: vintage / watch: marc by marc jacobs / nailpolish: essie "tart deco" (not pictured: american apparel velvet legging)
 My friend Ahmed was doing some fairly ridiculous poses, thus the reason my embarrassing laugh was caught on camera. I'm sorry.


  1. I have to say I love the shoes and the skirt!!!!

    so cute!!!

  2. Loving the 40 outfits in one look :) That burnt orange top is gorgeous! Have a great spring break!

  3. LOVE the skirt. It's in my favorite shade of red and material of the moment (chiffon)! Your oxfords are such a great find.

  4. Wow, that skirt and those shoes, love it!!


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