Rose golden

look ma, no arm! (ha, ha. I'm just sooo lame funny)

sunglasses: vintage / burgundy shirt with gold button detailing: gap / polka dot blouse: c/o urban 1972 / cardigan: american apparel / shorts: h&m / rose golf cuffs: nordstroms / socks: gap / boots: zara

I threw this outfit together in just a few minutes, still half asleep and nearly late for my hair appointment. Thankfully, the resulting mix of pieces wasn't horrendous. I'd like to give myself a pat on the back, as I'm pretty sure waking up and going out the door in 20 minutes is my all time record.
These pictures depict my hair post cut, thus the reason it's up in a bun. My hairdresser/friend had to comb my hair, which birthed a frizz monster unlike any I will ever show you. Trust me, I'm doing your eyes a favor.


  1. Cute<3 http://mexirican-damaris.blogspot.com/

  2. Loving the eclectic layering in this outfit..it looks very thoughtfully thrown together :) Looking forward to seeing your new 'do' soon :)

    1. Thank you!
      Also, you won't notice a huge difference. I only had a trim; I'd say the main difference is that I can actually see now! My bangs were getting way too long.

  3. omg! so good outfit :)


  4. What a fun and unique look. The different prints, textures, colors and materials make for one cute outfit. Love your sunnies and high-waist shorts.

  5. Wow, wish I could throw together clothes like you do! Ha, I can't believe you did this in less than 20 minutes. Usually I have to lay out what I want to wear the night before.
    The layering is great here! I love how the polka dot blouse goes with the purple top and light colored shorts. <3

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  6. girl you look amazing! i am in love with this outfit! <3

  7. I am really digging your sunglasses and boots (on top of your entire outfit, of course!) :)

  8. sometimes the best looks are the ones thrown together last minute... i call it instinctive inspiration :)
    loving the layers!

    la vie en ardena rose


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