Loving this new sweater I received via postage the other day. It's the perfect style for the in-between weather California has been having lately -- a knit material to keep me warm in the chill of the morning, with holes to add a bit of coolness when the breeze rolls through during the mid day heat. I also love the bright green color, especially since it matches my clutch. Now if only the weather would stay warm; I'm tired of worrying about dealing with the rain!

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If you follow my twitter, then I'm sure you saw my melodramatic tweets about hating my polisci class, as well as the latter tweets about dropping said class. Well, my twitter doesn't lie, folks. Unfortunately, the class was just too much for me to handle. The expectations from my teacher were ridiculous and I just couldn't keep up with the work; I probably should have realized this when she assigned three essays for homework on the first day of class. The work load just began getting bigger and bigger, which resulted in stealing the focus I should have been putting on my other classes. My breaking point was the midterm -- my professors study guide was superfluous, to say the least, including about 30 terms (of which we had to know 5 relevant facts for each) and four essays. I mean, come on. This is an intro to political science course, at a junior college. 
After dropping the course, I went through the all too common "stress cry phase", as I like to call it. I spent awhile telling myself that I was a failure for giving up on the class, that I should have gone through and finished it, yadda yadda yadda. After thinking rationally for a moment, I realized that in fact I wasn't a failure, and that I shouldn't have gone through and finished the course. Why? Because I would have failed the course and ended up negatively affecting the grades in my other classes. Some students just aren't able to be taught by certain teachers (I'm one of those students). Instead of crying over the stress of excessive assignments about federalism, the GOP and the Constitution, I'm going to take political science next semester with a different teacher, in a class that I'm able to balance with my others.
Now I'll have more time to focus on the three exams I have next week. Yay! 


  1. Absolutely lovely sweater! Its the perfect kind of knit for the upcoming spring weather <3
    And I love that velvet texture on the dress and its print! You have such a whimsical, cool style that I love :)
    Hopefully it stays consistently warm! Haha, we're dealing with bipolar weather here as well.


  2. I love this sweater and how you paired it with the velvet and your clutch :) you are always amazing! and i'm so happy that you finally have that weight off your back <3 good luck on your exams, dear!

  3. political science sure sounds like an interesting course.. i'm sorry things were too hectic though! good thing you've got time. and you are certainly not a failure. :)

    this green is SO lovely. i haven't seen this shade much lately, so i'm especially enamored by it! xx

  4. Ugh. School can be such a bitch. I'm glad you were able to come to a good conclusion for yourself. That's what matters! Now on to your outfit. I loving the cozy green knit sweater and I love the velvety goodness of your dress. Adorable!

  5. Good for you and dropping the class! I remember having super hard classes at my community college then having friends who were taking the same class with a different teacher and coasting by! At the end of the day, all the record shows is that you passed the class not the difficulty/teacher you took it with.

    On a lighter note, this is one of my favorite shades of green. What a perfect way to step into spring!

  6. I went to community college before transferring to UCSC, and I also experienced classes in which teachers would assign WAY too much work/take their class too seriously in order to prove that community college isn't "a joke". Its ok to drop classes like that, especially if you don't do it a lot. Don't get down on yourself! Definitely take that class with another teacher and stay positive.

    As for your outfit, I really love the colors, especially the pops of green. The mixed textures of the sweater and velvet dress are gorgeous as well.

    Also I am having a seriously amazing contest that is being hosted on my Twitter by Gilt Group. You can win a chance to attend the launch party for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the DeYoung Museum, courtesy of Gilt City SF. Jean Paul Gaultier will even be appearing at the event! It would be easy for you to attend too, since you already live in the Bay Area. Check out the details here!

  7. love the light knit, it looks great with the dress!
    it's cool that you can choose to drop a class - I wish I had that option back in college :)

  8. woow those colours look always so good on u!


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