Here's a plain ol' outfit that I threw together for work. The dress code is black and white, so I do what I can to show my personal style while on the clock. The socks and blouse are unquestionably my favorite parts!

lace button up, h&m. floral dress, h&m. knit cardigan, gap. socks, target. woven oxfords, jeffrey campbell.

Bought a few pairs of thigh high socks last week; I'm in love with the speckled multicolored details. 

A close up of the JC's I bought at Crossroads a few months back...while most people obsess over the sky high platforms from Jeffrey Campbell, I prefer these bad boys. Besides, I'm already 5'8 and have no need to wear heels all day every day.

ps: this is my 100th post! I'm giving myself a pat on the back for continuously updating this blog. I would have stopped long ago if not for my lovely readers, so thank you! Here's to hoping there will be hundreds more, events and exciting memories included.


  1. i have those socks too!!! i love them! your outfit is amazing =)

  2. Lovely, fresh look! Love it!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  3. The lace print blouse peeping from underneath your dress looks so cute! I really like this outfit, very cute and comfy.

  4. The dress looks so cute, and love the shoes too. I think your style definitely shows!!

  5. Wow, I absolutely love this outfit! Everything about it is stylish yet comfortable and your hair is incredibly gorgeous. I love those bangs!!!

  6. Great outfit. You do black and white exceptionally well.

  7. Very nice outfit and very pretty face.. =))


  8. danielle! i loveee your blog :) you are adorable and i love this outfit. i especially agree with you about those jc's! i am 5'9" and i love his shoes - but i think his flats are just as wonderful as his heels, if not better!

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie!
      & I know, I could seriously live in mine! I've yet to actually get a pair of platform/heeled JC's though. In due time...


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