Spring 2012

This was the outfit I wore for the first day of classes: contrasting, warm, and most importantly, comfortable. With a class schedule of 9am to 10pm, clothing that I can snooze in is an obvious necessity. I'm sure there will be platforms thrown in on occassion since the campus is small & doesn't require long walking distances (hooray), but for the most part I'll be sticking to my beloved collection of flat heeled shoes. As for this particular outfit, I found my new cardigan in the sale section of h&m for only $20 and to my surprise, it's a maternity sweater. I didn't notice until after I purchased it but hey, it fits well & I love the color! 

button up, urban renewal. cardigan, american apparel. knit cardigan, h&m. velvet leggings, american apparel. boots, madewell. satchel, dooney & bourke. sunglasses, ray ban. rings, h&m. watch, marc by marc jacobs.

Have a wonderful day everyone, thanks for reading! xx


  1. woow great outfit, love this colours.
    and i really wish i had this watch.

  2. newly following and in love with all of your looks! :) seriously, keep up the great posts.


  3. LOVE this outfit! Great color palette. the leggings are so good!

  4. what size are your leggings? please reply! i want to buy a pair online and want to get the right size. thanks!

  5. How tall are you?


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